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i love to complaint?
hurmm..i love to talk, when i'm not satisfied wit one thing i will talk bout it the whole day unitl i satisfied.but. not all the thing i said out loud..sumtime i keep it to myself.

i donnoe..i have too much in mind at 1 time. sumtime it is good most of the time it is bad. when one problem arised i will think bout it deeply bout wht should i do, wht will happen..luckily i guess i hv no prob with the study,

i didnt know bout others, but i do think positively bout myself..this gave me strength to move on in such hard life. but in reality i'm not sure whether people around me feel comfortable with my unstoppable 'speech'.

i once a quiet person; i kept to myself bout wht i feel whether i was mad or unsatisfied wit sumthing
now, brand new me: the one tht talk out loud(certain things only meh), the one tht know to express her feeling, no longer be only a gudlistener( though not good enough)

but sadly..people dont take it as one good change..
"u talk too much!"
"u r not tht good!"
"u r one complicated human!"
or something like tht..

wht i said usually after thinking all the pros n cons, the feeling of people hearing them and all tht matters.
mybe i dont belong..(i hate this sentence,so negative!)
mybe i should shut my mouth off.
mybe i should not say too much
mybe i should hold back my thought...

but wait!
they dont know me good enough..

current mood: emo