KeMbaLi senYUm..:D

after going through mcm2 scenes just in one day one night berakhir la nightmare yg menyebabkn ak berada dlm dilemma
..Failing to choose which way is better
..Thinking wat would happen if i take the road not taken
..thinking whether the road taken is right for me

Last night was the hardest moment in my 20years life..i never thought tht this will be a real hard thing to deal with..i thought my heart is as hard as doesnot like what it seems to look from the outside..

at last..with the thought of me ,with alittle thought of him,as what he say..i made the decision:
i choose green light.forever green light.
Tp dgn beberape syarat.
yg ak pasti, akn dilaksanakn..


melody mocker | October 3, 2010 at 2:36 PM

love is forever..-neutron star collision..:p