love bye love :(

You know...
You...are already a mere memory.
I've...already gotten over you.

The phone that rang when time kissed with sadness,
I wasn't able to do anything for you when I heard your voice after you had cried, 'Don't cry, I understand everything. I'm sorry' the words I added,
The longing suppressed the love when you asked to break up

] When the color of our memories has faded, when it gets cloudy,
That's when I'll try to end my feelings of love,
Bye bye bye my love, bye bye bye my love,
Can you hear me? You hear me now

In my dreams, the tears dance;
When I open my eyes in the morning,
I wash your scent away,
I prepare while wearing new clothes,
As if I'm congratulating the first day of being alone

The music I can hear in the crowded street,
I can feel my heart stop beating today,
I wonder if I was always a good person towards you...
Our happy days which could not be stopped like the clouds

Every time, I guess the short time has put my heart in pain,
I guess I hurt you during the times you were crying,
The password of your house we used together,
I'm starting to forget it before your hands touch mine

Being hurt again by the love you have given me,
The grevious pain, a wanderer who wears an achromatic color,
The loser in the tears that could not be embraced,
Let's not ever experience a love like this

Although it's a beautiful day, why is that only tears fill my eyes?



mayakasha | March 1, 2011 at 4:38 PM

mum.... kenapa niiiii? :(((